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Work with Purpose

There’s nothing more cliche than the age old saying “you’re here for a reason” or “God has a plan for you” but the reality of it is, whether you’re religious or non-religious, the Universe points to the fact that you are not an accident. No matter your circumstance, rich or poor, healthy or disabled, happy or depressed. Every damn one of us are here for a reason, all 6 Billion. There is a purpose to your existence and that purpose is uniquely yours and is probably a little more than drinking cases of Mountain Dew while watching Survivor reruns, just saying. Although if that’s your job and you’re slapstick happy doing it, by all means, joyfully live out your purpose, one can of Dew at a time!

As far back as I can remember, life has always looked like a windy road with endless turns and no road signs to follow. Yet regardless of all the places I’ve lived and all the jobs I’ve had, from working at night clubs in Nashville, to doing graphic design in Chicago, and printing shirts in Tulsa, what has consistently grounded me is nature. In particular, I’ve always been fascinated with conifers, every detail, the 600+ different species, how they’re endlessly green, the smell of pine needles carried by wind from miles away, the unbelievable beauty of pine cones, and even the complex life cycle which sometimes involves raging wildfires. When fires burn below the heat opens up pine cones above, causing them to drop seeds to the ground, and under the ash of their fallen mothers new life is born. And just as a reminder of how nature is unmistakably the most beautiful thing unmatched by anything man has ever created, these mysterious flowers spring up around the soon to be saplings called fireweed. They radiate a violent purple, which perfectly compliments black embers, new greenery, and the darkest richest brownest earth. A few decades later, a new forest will stand, and it will be just as breathtaking as its ancestors.

Nature. Is. Majestic.

Photo by Matthew Spaulding

So what is my purpose? Do you think it’s to make the most beloved wood finishes ever bequeathed to North America? Possibly! But that is far from my end game. When I close my eyes for the last time, I don’t think I’ll be dreaming of that glorious Cutting Board Oil. My prayer is that I die in a world far greener than one I was born in. Walrus Oil is not only a company that helps preserve cutting boards, leather boots, and antique rockers, we actively seek to keep the world wildly beautiful. Currently we plant over 10,000 trees per year, but one year I’d like to see that jump to 100,000. That is a goal completely dependent on us making products that solves problems, products that are well made, and priced fairly. We will never be the cheapest, we would have to sacrifice our purpose in order to do so. But can we be the best value? That is something reasonable to aim for. Can we get thousands of people behind our purpose? Whether you know it or not, when you purchase a Walrus Oil product, no matter where you buy it or what product it is, you’re helping trees get planted and you’re supporting our purpose. I want our company to always maintain a net-positive environmental impact. Challenging? You bet your ass it is. Attainable? You bet your other ass it is.

So there you have it. That’s the purpose of Walrus Oil, which is largely my life’s purpose, other than being a loving father, husband, and good steward of the time God’s blessed me with. While all of this sounds grandiose, I believe my purpose has always been the same, it just took a long time for that seed to grow. And even if I never made it this far, for whatever reason, at every bend of the road of life, my purpose was being fulfilled, so long as I’m living authentically and lovingly.

My prayer for you is this, that you find your purpose and dare to live it, no matter how ridiculously upsetting and unprofitable it appears. Be authentic, however that looks to you, and do it with love.

Founder and CEO of Walrus Oil®. When not creating things in the shop, Dave enjoys cold weather travel, warm fires, and camping. He's also fond of classical music, oil paintings, and reading books on Orthodox monasticism.

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