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Table Bar Co.’s Sleek Cincinnati Basement Woodshop

When your only option for a woodshop is a windowless garage or basement, it may not be half bad after all. Take husband and wife team Table Bar Co. for example. When they were given the opportunity to convert an old stuffy basement into their studio, they just utilized their obvious creative knack to make it work. With a wood burning stove and timeless architectural elements like exposed brick and aged wood beams, it was nothing a good broom and a few cans of paint couldn’t fix.

Company: Table Bar Co.
Founder: Noah and Kelsey Seurkamp
Website: tablebar.co
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Features: Exposed Brick and Wood Beams, Wood Burning Stove

Founder and CEO of Walrus Oil®. When not creating things in the shop, Dave enjoys cold weather travel, warm fires, and camping. He's also fond of classical music, oil paintings, and reading books on Orthodox monasticism.

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