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Going Waterless, the Next Shift for Nature

At Walrus Oil, we don’t use water. Well, we do flush commodes, wash hands, and all that. Some of us actually drink our recommended 8 glasses a day, while others hold true that 8 cups of coffee is sufficient hydration. But what I really mean is at Walrus Oil we don’t use water in our products, none! Although this may change in the future with some of our product lines, we intend to keep as many products waterless as possible, and here’s why.

Aside from the fact that there is actually not enough clean water for all humans on earth and climate change is causing bodies of water to slowly evaporate. Aside from all of that madness, putting water in products could be bad for you, not from the water itself, but from the additional ingredients needed to keep the water from spoiling the product as it calmly sits on a warehouse shelf, patiently awaiting for it’s forever home. OK, let me back up a bit.

So, you discovered Walrus Oil, you like us, we like you, you keep coming back to see what new products we’re making, and you’re even reading our blog… proof you really really like us and we’re like soulmates or whatever. Maybe you were drawn to the pure cool of the black and white packaging and the signature white walrus logo. Maybe you were attracted to our ingredient transparency and simplicity. Maybe you respect the fact that we don’t use unpronounceable chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, or ingredients that also contain numbers in their name (usually that’s a bad sign, but not always to be fair). Considering all of this, how is water now bad?

Did you know only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater? As the world population grows, clean water has become more scarce, especially in developing countries. Not using water in our products keeps us from contributing to global water shortages, which is a growing problem. Also as mentioned before, when water is added into a solution it tends to breed bacteria and molds, so it needs to be accompanied by a preservative to allow for some level of shelf stability. Sadly, there’s not very many robust preservatives that are completely natural. Virtually all are either partially or completely synthetic. So if we want to be synthetic free, we can’t have water in our products. And as a plus, waterless products can be far more potent and effective, simply because they’re not diluted, it’s just oils, waxes, butters, and minerals doing it’s natural work.

Right now, with the entire globe collectively experiencing the pressure and pain of the very same unmentionable viral horror (Covid-19), it’s a good time to reflect on the vast connectedness of the human race and the importance of acknowledging the undeniable impact of our daily lives on the planet.

Anna Thomas

Anna started working for Walrus Oil in 2019 in production and fulfillment. She's quite passionate about music, Paleo, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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