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Let’s First Build Community

In corporate America, disconnect from the business and customer is all too common. Customer needs are ignored, dissatisfaction goes unnoticed, and demands are not heard. The corporate managers hide behind a mysterious black curtain and customer service is outsourced to contract labor who know little to nothing about the product. It is a sad reality we all have to live with and it’s a stigma we tirelessly try to upend.

When we launched Walrus Oil a little less than 2 years ago, we had nothing more than a name, a product, and a bit of ambition. Although today we now have over a dozen products and many more in the works, what’s more important than anything else, today we have community. From the moment we launched, we were welcomed into a dynamic community of artists who share work, plans, and tips with each other, and ask for nothing in return. What we also see across this beautiful landscape is humble hearts of gold and absolute devotion. And we are grateful to be thriving in this corner of the world.

As founder of Walrus Oil I receive a lot of messages from people just getting started with various businesses and I’m often asked “where do I begin” or “what should I do first”. From here on out my only answer will be this… “first build community”. Because I’m now certain community is the anchor that holds us all together. Without it, most of us wouldn’t be here, including Walrus Oil. As we continue to scale and widen our reach, there are a few things we are determined to protect and maintain: integrity, authenticity, spirit, but our sense of belonging within a community will always be unrivaled. Mark these words and hold us to it.

If you feel lost, out of place, creatively stagnant, too new, too old, or what have you… your answer is this, find your community, the place where you are lifted up, and where you can be both a learner and a teacher.

Founder and CEO of Walrus Oil®. When not creating things in the shop, Dave enjoys cold weather travel, warm fires, and camping. He's also fond of classical music, oil paintings, and reading books on Orthodox monasticism.

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