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CAM Design Co.’s Urban Rooftop Woodshop

If you love woodworking and city life, trust us, this is your dream woodshop. A rooftop workspace with breathtaking views of New York City and an indoor loft workshop with nearly floor to ceiling windows. Located in New Jersey with a little less traffic congestion but all the benefits of an urban lifestyle. If you don’t want your heart to be darkened with intensely fierce jealousy, read no further.

Company: CAM Design Co.
Founder: Christopher Miano
Website: chrismiano.com
Location: Union City, New Jersey
Features: Overlooks New York City, Indoor Loft and Rooftop Workspace


Founder and CEO of Walrus Oil®. When not creating things in the shop, Dave enjoys cold weather travel, warm fires, and camping. He's also fond of classical music, oil paintings, and reading books on Orthodox monasticism.

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