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5 Woodworking Projects that Require No Power Tools

Power tools can be expensive and major space fillers leaving most beginner woodworkers feeling intimidated on where to begin. In truth, the journey to becoming a woodworker doesn’t require much space or an outlet. So, don’t sweat it! With a bit of time and a few hand tools (you can see our minimalist list below) you’ll be able to craft dozens of woodworking projects without committing yourself to even a drill. Here are our five to get started with. 

Minimalist Woodworking Tools
Hand Plane 
Measuring and Marking Tools
Hand Saw
Sand Paper
Sharpening Tools 
Wood Glue

Finishing Products 
Oil based finishes and natural waxes

1. Storage Bins

Versatile and not very demanding to make, you can create storage bins using nothing more than a bit of scrap wood and a few decorative plywood boards. If you’re looking for double the space, remember, adding a divider will not only separate the goods but give you more room for all that organizing. If you want to get it off the ground/counter – adding additional “wood grommets” (square blocks about a 1/2 inch big and thick) will give the piece more elevation and keep it from sitting flat. 

2. Six Pack Holder

Every gentleman needs their own carrier for their brews or water; regardless of your choice in beverage this project is another on our list that requires no power tools. If you’re sticking to a budget thin plywood will do. 

Good tip: Visit your local woodworker/wood shop and see if you can buy some scraps off ‘em! Not only can you run some awesome ideas off each other but you maybe able to make a connection in how to supply yourself with wood that isn’t just from your commercial improvement store. 

Add a bottle opener, for finishing touches, and be off on that Saturday trip with the boys.

3. Blanket / Towel Ladder

A great wall decoration and perfect for a room with minimal space; this ladder can be crafted using 2×4’s. It’s a simple project but it can truly make any room feel cozier. Think about movie nights with the family – everyone can have their own blanket waiting, neatly, on the ladder! 

For more of a rustic look – beat it up! Now, that may sound intense, but seriously, grab a hammer, rocks in a bag, or something else and go to town! This could be a fun way to get the whole family involved in a bit of woodworking.

4. Box Centerpiece / Planter Box

An easy way to accomplish this project is with a 2×4 and a couple of 1/6’s. Obviously for bigger planters let your imagination take over! The minimalistic design and square body can bring new life to the outside garden or home space.  

If vegetation isn’t your thing, use the planter as a centerpiece! Its crate-like design makes it easily interchangeable for the holidays.

5. Jewelry Holder

Give all those bracelets, necklaces, and rings a better display on your vanity! This project can be crafted with scraps of all different sizes! If different wood isn’t available use some gauge wire or little hooks to aid in organization; these little touches of hardware can make it easier to fit those smaller items such as earrings! 

Also, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner this or any of the projects on this list will make a wicked gift for that special someone. 

Regardless if your new to the game or just a hobbyist with a passion for wood, know, while power tools may make the job easier, sometimes, it isn’t the only way to wood working! All you need is a good set of hands and a few ideas and anything is possible! Happy creating. 

Crystal Hoffmann

Co Founder and Co-Owner of N.B.D. Woodworks. She is an energetic, nutritional enthusiast with a passion for writing and resin. When Crystal isn’t working hard in the shop you’ll be sure to catch her practicing yoga, traveling, singing, or just jamming out to some video games.

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